WARNING : This Program Is Only For Those Ready To Build A Wildly Successful Network Marketing Business & Future

The Year To Transform Your Network Marketing Business



The Visionary Leadership Accelerator is a fully immersive year-long program that transforms Network Marketing businesses. This exclusive program is for Network Marketing leaders who want to be part of a high level community that will give them the tools and support to create global growth. 

We know that you are ready for your business to grow: for the right strategies to attract dream partners, the systems that give you more time to live the life you dream and the culture to create sustainable duplication and lasting success

We will help you grow into the leader you know you are ready to become so that you can build the business and lifestyle that you dream of. 

Every single day we speak to leaders who have hit a point where they need more. 

Maybe you have fallen out of love with your business, what was working no longer is, or you are simply not having fun anymore. 

Or maybe, you are ready for the next level. You've had SOME success yet you know you can achieve so much more. 

You are looking for the next level of your journey and of success. 

You know that you can create a bigger impact, serve more people and create a business that stands the test of time. 





The Business Of Your Dreams

Envisioning your future, Breakthroughs, Daily rituals, Your unfair advantage.

The Psychology of Business Success in 2019

Flow state, Growth hacking, Modelling success, Future reality state

The Recruitment Strategy That Works For You

Circles of Influence, The I Method, 1000 days, Authentic Recruitment. 

Social Media Mastery

Content creation, Content pillars, Social media 101, Platforms, Branding, Hot list. 

Offering Your Opportunity

Opportunity Group, Systemising customer acquisition, Automating follow-up, Ethical Selling

Building Your Dream Tribe

Tribe design, Attracting your ideal team, Raving fan recruitment, Re-launch. 

Duplicating Growth

Launching your business, Fast start success, Activity duplication.

Creating A Culture That Lasts

Coaching success, Creating momentum, Personality types, Managing conflict.

Leading Through Action

Your Leadership style, Authentic Leadership, Leading in growth

Growing Your Audience Rapid Fire

Organic lead generation, Paid Ads, Community groups, Influencer marketing. 

Automating Your Business

Outsourcing, Hiring, Systemising tasks. 

The Waterfall Effect

Leads on Tap, High Performance Success, Emotional Rollercoasters.


VLA is immersive and will challenge you to focus on growing your business daily. Everything we teach is helping you to create the life you want. We know that if you IMPLEMENT what we teach you will have huge success. In fact, we guarantee it. 

We are so confident in what we deliver that if you do not get a 2 x return on your investment in your Network Marketing business, we will refund all of your money. 

Some terms do apply of course. You will have to show up, take action, be consistent and be coachable.


The Recruitment Machine 2.0 is a step-by-step twelve week system to help you dominate online recruitment using social media. 

It takes you week-by-week through developing systems to speed up recruitment, follow-up faster, recruit more and get your team off to the strongest possible start

It's a foundation on which a strong and long lasting business can be built upon. Each week has new tasks to implement, how-to's, guides and downloads. 

Throughout the program we teach you how to find what works for you, optimise for growth and maximise your recruitment results. 

Following this program we have a number of courses to speed up and systemise your growth.

These include:

  • Legacy Leadership
  • Creating Culture
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Outsourcing Your Systems

We aim to add a new program every quarter to best serve the needs of your business. 

Have you ever learnt TONS yet not taken Action?

A key component of VLA is making sure you IMPLEMENT and take action on all of the strategies and systems you learn. We support you in that with a year of personal one-to-one coaching. 

You will be guided through the program by one of my handpicked coaches. They are there to challenge you, support you and dare you to be greater. 

Each of our coaches has built a successful Network Marketing business, has been in your shoes and has been personally trained by Simon & Susie Mitchell. 

Each call is thirty minutes, with calls fortnightly throughout the program. 

The world's best Network Marketing Leadership Retreat. 

With Dr. Susie Mitchell and Simon Mitchell, this five day in person live event challenges you to step into being the best you possible. 

Taking over sixty years of personal development experience and combining it with cutting edge strategies, tools and systems, you will be at the forefront of the industry

We will be giving you the skills to build a long lasting, sustainable business built around your vision for the future. 

Each day is shaped to challenge you to think, learn new ways of building business and stretch you to find greatness within

Retreats are currently held yearly in the Algarve, Portugal. This exclusive event is for VLA members only.

**Please note, whilst your retreat ticket, activities and some meals are included, flights & accommodation are not. 

Unlimited access to Simon & team to massively accelerate your growth. 

Using Slack we offer daily, unlimited support on questions, strategy, mindset, tools, guidance, feedback and updates. 

This invaluable access allows you to get real-time feedback and strategy support throughout the program and your journey.

Included in your program is a personal 1-2-1 Monthly strategy call with Simon. 

Also, as part of VLA we are here to support you and your wider team with team calls, as well as your leaders with leadership coaching calls.

As part of the program Simon is available for team calls and to help you develop leaders. 


Its a secret....

We have LOTS of surprises, exclusives and opportunities for you. 

Affiliate programs, video production, discounts, outsourcing help, goodies and more programs....

We have TONS planned to love on you!

Hi, I'm Simon,

Over the past few years, I've had the great privilege of working with thousands of Network Marketing leaders all over the world. 

Having built my own successful Network Marketing business, and since helped thousands grow their businesses throughout the industry, I know that there are very specific set of skills, strategies, tools and most importantly mindsets that transform Network Marketing businesses. 

I created VLA because I saw a dire need for leaders to have the support they need to thrive long term. Too much of the business world we live in today is predicated on quick fixes. It kills business and leads to many leaving the industry dejected, with their hopes in flames. 

I wanted to create a community of leaders, across companies, globally, who are all in pursuit of changing the world we live in and raising the levels of success for all. A community of like-minded, growth-hungry, committed leaders willing to grow to serve their teams at their highest level. 

VLA is open to all Network Marketers committed to making a difference to the lives of others. 

If you are a leader, willing to do the 'work', be open to new ways of thinking and choose to create a new reality, then I know we can help you.  

Who Is Visionary Leadership Accelerator For?

A Network Marketing Leader ready to create massive momentum and success

A Leader who has already had success yet wants to live life at the next level and serve more people

Making a full time income from Network Marketing and wanting to grow it substantially 

A Leader ready to grow, learn new ways of thinking and IMPLEMENT new ways of doing business 

Deeply care about your people and those you build with. In business for the long term. 

What Is Visionary Leadership Accelerator NOT?

It is not a "done for you" program. Nor is it a get rich quick. 

If you are not passionate about what you do, unsure if you want to be successful or not ready to create significantly more results, this program is not for you.

It will not do the work for you.

We give you A LOT of tools and systems as part of the program however it is paramount that you are ready to implement the strategies we work with you on.



"I had lost passion, drive and direction after 4 years in NWM and building a six figure income. I was completely lost with the process of NWM as social media had changed so quickly.
I reached out to Simon after seeing other clients having insane results! I knew this is what I needed to take me to the next level.
A LOAD OF accountability, direction and guidance with easy to follow strategies.
I set a few wild goals and within 3 months I was able to achieve them and smash a target I had focussed on for over a year.
Clarity on my mission and how I can help my tribe maximise their lifestyles...
I doubled my income in 3 months and doubled my business growth (that almost tripled) "


"Before this programme I was fucking LOST. Uninspired, FLAT & THINKING I was falling out of love with what i was doing.
I invested into this program & it's changed my life.
I have focus. I have vision. I know who i am I know why I'm here I know who i can impact I know what i fucking want
So far over the last two months I have had over 30 people INBOX ME to tell me they want IN on what I'm doing. I have signed up more people in this last two months than I did in the whole of 2017.
My business has gone from strength to strength. I believe in my self 101% & I'm back with crazy vengeance.
Promotions are popping and the energy is HIGH in the team.
My mindset is on another planet & I'm willing to jump through hoops for the rest of it."


"Simon Mitchell you have played a huge part in my network marketing journey from the start, you were the guy who connected the dots for me and kicked me into action and you continue to do that 2 years on.
There are so many "coaches" out there who will help you find the answers and coach you through your issues, but let's face it I could hire a counsellor for that.
You push me into ACTION, you give me new and inventive ways to build my business, always keep me ahead of the game and force me to step up when I'm getting comfortable.
This is crucial for me, whilst other network marketers are still using techniques which worked 5 years ago I feel like I'm building a business of the future with your guidance.
I know I can achieve incredible things within my business and I know you'll always be on the sidelines cheering me on and forcing me to think bigger. "


"I recruited 62 in 60 days. Thank you for coaching me to success. In 10 month 160 people in my team. Thank you!"


"Simon helped me break through limiting beliefs that were holding me back and helped me implement strategies that have changed my business. My organization tripled in size within 6 months. Committing to coaching with Simon was one of the best decisions I have ever made."


All of the team at The Institute of Network Marketing, Visionary Leadership Accelerator and Simon Mitchell Companies are 100% independent of any Network Marketing company. 
We do not make any income claims. Each person's success is down to their own effort, skills and work ethic. 

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